rich and preserved


Civil buildings

CEVENNES Mont Lozere
Rue de l'Eglise– 48800 VILLEFORT


"The house is located on the old Regordane road which drained the trade of the center of France towards the south.This axis crossing Villefort knew a great frequentation in the Middle Ages and also served to the pilgrims towards Saint-Gilles.The street is still lined with houses of craftsmen or merchants who are characterized by the presence of twin doors arc segmental for the most part and a pedestrian door.This house presents, upstairs, two large twin bays with a broken arch molded resting on pillars with decorated bases and capitals framing an opening whose mullion and trilobal tracery have largely disappeared, probably dating back to the 14th century.The destination of this dwelling remains unknown. from the consular room ". Information from Merimee database