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CEVENNES Mont Lozere


Régordane greenway at Prévenchères (V70) In 2015, the Lozère Department laid out a 7km greenway on a deserted RD906, between La Garde-Guérin and the lake of the Rachas dam, in Prévenchères. This development, very useful because it avoids the linear and dangerous RD906, is a first section of the Véloroute La Régordane (V70). This old road, nowadays "soft traffic", is both easy (low slopes) and beautiful because it overlooks the gorges Chassezac. The first part, next to La Garde Guérin, is a real Green Way on 3km. The second part is authorized to the vehicles of the residents because it serves the hamlet of Albespeyres, but the car traffic is very weak there. Side Prévenchères, in July 2017, it misses all the signaling (dead-end panel, direction sign for the V70) and the security of the crossroads.