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itinéraire touristique Easy Foot

Mont Lozere


To give a boost to village life, a handful of people decided to combine originality, heritage, culture and nature. The idea then came to install contemporary works on a path. In order for this project to become a reality, the sculptor Bernard Didelle created the association Sculptures en liberté in 2015. The designation of the artists is made by call for applications, the works are installed from April to October (season 2016 -2017: 10 to 11 sculptures put in place). In total, twenty works will be installed (finalization end of December 2018). The eclectic selection is mainly about abstraction; the theme of this path is contemporary art in the rural world. The trail features contemporary monumental sculptures in direct connection with the natural elements and landscape. Of cultural and public interest, it is open free in the heart of the village of Altier.