rich and preserved


Archaeological sites, ancient and prehistoric

Champclauson– 30110 LA GRAND-COMBE


The visit to the site is composed of several elements: exposure of fossils of plants of the Carboniferous period, as well as animals real size of this time. Did you know that there were centipedes of 2m long. A video explains how these plants have fossilized. Then, a small train takes you through a forest to the fossil forest where a guide introduces you and makes you relive 300 million years back. On their return, the children can discover skulls and a dinosaur skeleton of 6.50m in the research bins (shovels, rakes provided for free). Guided tour from 1h30 to 2h00. Covered workshops of paleontological research. Covered workshop to reconstruct a dinosaur skeleton. Train ride. Video room and air-conditioned exhibition. Shaded bowl and souvenirs. Picnic area. Car parking and free car.